deadmau5 Reveals New Album Coming

Mr. Joel Zimmerman is bringing the heat in 2019.

It’s been a hot minute since he released a full album. Way back in 2016, he released the studio album W:2016ALBUM/. In 2018, he graced us with the properly named where’s the drop? as his orchestral compilation album. Besides his insane hard work for his upcoming tour and Cube 3.0, it has been pretty quiet on the Deadmau5 front.

However, we do know that an album is on the way! here’s the drop is set to be released on Oct 4th of this year. We have heard a few tastes of what the album will be with the tracks “Polyphobia”, “Glivch”, and “Are You Not Afraid”.

Some details of the album are still up in the air. There are some rumors such as whether this album may be a remix of where’s the drop? or even a compilation album or a studio one. Lastly, there has been talk of Tinlicker, No Mana, and Mr Bill working with the famous producer on this one.

With some pretty huge ID tracks being played out in Cube v3 sets, there are some great potential new singles that could find their way onto this album.