Brace yourselves techno fiends because titans of industry Charlotte de Witte and Chris Liebing have an EP together. Titled ‘Liquid Slow‘, it has two songs released on Witte’s label, KNTXT.

Liquid Slow‘ is the first track and takes on an acid techno bassline. At just under seven minutes, the vibe is heavy and mesmerizing if you listen hard enough. With lyrics “deep, clear, liquid, slow”, it’ll put you in a daze as those wobbly Prydz synths absorb each spoken word. It has a much slower tempo, resting at an average of 128 bpm, but the rumbling kicks propel the song onward.

The second track ‘In Memory‘ sustains a melancholy melody with slightly different tone of vocals. That muffled techno voice rings in our ears. It gives off a sense of tension and showcases both artists’ sound. Set at around 134-135 bpm, it sounds like something that would blare in European clubs.

Both tracks are rudimental forms of their genre, but a collaboration nonetheless. This EP is hypnotizing but we’d love to know your thoughts on it.

Witte and Liebing decided to collaborate at Awakenings Festival after spending some time together there. They shared beers, laughs, and a bunch of different mixes for both tracks. As a result, they became newfound friends and proudly created this.

KNTXT is a radio show and an event series, taking on the role as a progressive player in the techno scene. Charlotte is taking on a nonstop summer of touring and has been taking her dark, powerful sounds across the biggest clubs and festivals around the world. Who knows what is in store for these two next. We hope it is more new music.

Listen to their latest collaborative EP below and stay tuned for more news on both artists.

Charlotte de Witte & Chris Liebing – Liquid Slow EP