Cercle Launches a Platform to Suggest New Locations

With a Facebook video titled “What’s Next”, Cercle just announced that they will be launching a new platform where people can submit their dream location for an upcoming event.

Cercle‘s growth and achievements are remarkable. The organization reached recently 1 million likes on their facebook page after only 3 years of existence. With such a success and visibility, comes a lot of requests from artists and fans.

We receive a lot of emails and messages from all over the world with suggestions of locations, cities, countries and artists.


In order to handle the requests in the best way possible, Cercle launched This new platform to submit your dream location for a Cercle event. Processing of all the requests will not be an easy task but will for sure provide the Cercle team with a lot of new possibilities.

There are so many beautiful locations on our planet… We are much looking forward to receiving your ideas.


The Cercle idea of the project is simple. A famous artist is invited to play in an awesome venue. After the show, the artist is interviewed including audience questions. At the end of the interview, Cercle gives the artist a gift called “Mystery Box”.

Many amazing places have already witnessed a Cercle event, but many more are to be discovered, check their videos here.