From DJing at clubs in Australia over ten years ago to selling out her own headlining Red Rocks show this year, Alison Wonderland has had an incredible career. She was the highest-billed female DJ/producer ever at Coachella in 2018. Both albums Run (2015) and Awake (2018) hit #1 on Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart. Let’s take a look at some of her best sets under her Alison Wonderland alias.

Mix Mag Lab (2015)

This set was roughly three months after Alison released her debut album, Run. This was an iconic set and happens to be the first set that exposed lots of people to her. It showcases Alison’s range of style and capability while highlighting her skills. As a female DJ, she has worked extremely hard to make a name for herself in this male-dominated music industry. This video silences her doubters. The positive and upbeat energy she radiates then is the same that you can see today. Although this set is a couple years old, this mix contains plenty of timeless tracks.

EDC Las Vegas (2016)

This year, Alison finally played main stage at EDC Las Vegas. The cinematic strings intro and the way she connects with the fans is moving and emotional. Through seamless transitions one after another, Alison puts together songs of contrasting styles and time periods without flaw. The ability to transition “Sometimes Love” to “Backseat Freestyle” then to “What Do You Mean” is impressive and that’s merely just one example. The stage design with all the lights, lasers, and pyrotechnics added to the set and made it unforgettable.

Scarehouse Project (2017)

Alison is full of amazing ideas and projects. This includes The Scarehouse Project that was held in a couple cities across Australia and New Zealand. A$AP Ferg, Lido, Lunice, QUIX, Young Franco, and more special guests featured were featured on the tour. These shows were well thought out and was like a secret show. Locations were given on the day of and decorated to fit the spooky theme. Although the quality of the video below isn’t the best, it gives you a first person perspective of what it was all like. The overall uniqueness and the hometown dedication makes this series of shows one of the most memorable.

Coachella (2018) – audio

Coachella is a set that must be included in this list. Not only did Alison Wonderland make history by being the highest billed female DJ, she also hit a major milestone in her career. The Sahara Tent was packed as Alison played the cello, sang, and DJed for the crowd. From producing in her bedroom, to playing at Coachella, the experience felt like one of the wildest dreams for Alison. In the eyes of her dedicated fans, this is simply what she deserves for her hard-working, genuine nature.

EDC Japan (2018) – audio

There was an insane downpour during Alison’s EDC Japan set in 2018. However, that did not hold her back from giving the fans her all. Drenched from head to toe by rain along with the CDJs being dangerously close to water damage, Alison still danced in the rain and showed the spirit of a good performer. She got a good read on the crowd’s energy and kept them dancing despite the cold weather. The unique circumstances and her perseverance made this set unlike any other.

Temple of Wonderland @Red Rocks (2019)audio

Most music lovers know that Red Rocks is a very monumental venue for artists to play. Alison Wonderland recently sold out TWO Red Rocks shows, which is something not a lot of artists can say they’ve done. That means 20,000 tickets were all sold. Alison went above and beyond for the show and put together a completely new production. She took a risk in trying something outside of her comfort zone and it paid off. I believe that not only is this a new chapter for her, but it is also a whole new experience for the fans.

Through the years, Alison Wonderland has proceeded to stay true to herself and her brand. She continues to be genuine, transparent, brave, and outspoken. Most importantly, she seeks to better herself and her music and is unafraid to try new things in order to progress. She has accomplished a lot in her career so far, and she’ll definitely continue to amaze the people around her and climb further up.