Bassnectar’s Be Interactive To Fund 1000 Months of Free Therapy

Bassnectar Be interactive
Photo Credit: Alive Coverage

Throughout the past decade, the Bassnectar team has been hard at work raising money for support and guidance projects. Using music as a catalyst, the Be Interactive campaign has inspired people worldwide to invest energy towards humanitarian efforts.

Now, Be Interactive has teamed up with Better Help to set a new goal in 2019: to provide 1000 months of free therapy. Using the proceeds collected from BassCenterXII, the American DJ provides fans the opportunity to embark on a mind-healing journey. Everyone and anyone is invited to apply for a month of free therapy by registering via @BeInteractiveHQ.

Since the first fundraiser in September 2018, Be Interactive has launched numerous charity events. Four times per year, the team announces a new uniforming goal, whether it be homelessness, mental health, or education. In addition, this year, they hope to make therapy as normalized as exercise.

The nonprofit organization constantly dedicates itself to inspiring more unity and teamwork for the greater good. Bassnectar has earned rightful recognition for using his passionate worldwide fan base as an incentive for a greater change in the world. We can’t wait to see where his altruistic achievements take him next.