Armin van Buuren Launches New Docu-Series, Shares ‘Best of Armin Only’ Set

Armin Van Buuren is opening up to the world with his new docu-series: Armin Van Buuren is Mr. Perfect. The name isn’t meant to sound egotistical. Rather, it explains the artist’s not-so-perfect journey with music that made him into the successful performer he is today. Series such as this allow us to get a closer look at the lives of our favorite artists. For Armin in particular, his journey has been an extremely long one. To no surprise, he is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The docu-series includes six episodes, which release daily on the artist’s YouTube channel. In the first episodes, fans learn a little more about Armin’s upbringing in the music scene. As you can imagine, electronic dance music was not as advanced back then (at least technology speaking). In other words, Armin built his sound from scratch. The series highlights 20 years of hard work, eventually leading up to his biggest show ever: The Best of Armin Only“.

This iconic show took pace on December 5, 2017, at the ArenA in Amsterdam, where he performed for 100,000 people. The production exceeded a basic festival set, which included aerial dancers, levitating musicians, and special guest singers. Armin van Buuren is known predominately for his trance background. However, the artist ensured there were no musical boundaries for his show, Thus, creating a theatre-like experience. Check out the performance down below.

In the last half of the docu-series, fans will get to see how the “Best of Armin Only” show was created. For updates on the Armin van Buuren docu-series, check out his YouTube channel.