Armin Van Burren (feat. David Hodges) – Waking Up With You

Armin Van Burren – Balance 7th Studio Album

It’s about time for some new music to be released by the god of trance, Armin Van Burren. His newly released track, ‘Waking Up With You‘, features some really melodic vocals from vocalist David Hodges.

After all the rumors, Armin Van Burren has finally released his first track from his forthcoming album, ‘BALANCE‘. Followed by this track Armin is all set to release a new track from this album every week henceforth. As Armin’s 7th studio album, BALANCE is set to be released on the 25th of October and we cannot keep calm.

Waking Up With You

Armin has been teasing the album since Miami Music Week, and we are excited to share the first track release from the album with you. He is definitely going to play out tracks from the upcoming album in his sets so best keep your ears open.

The track is out on Spotify and you could stream the track right here. Do leave your thoughts about ‘Waking Up With You’ in the comments below.