Amelie Lens – Little Robot EP

Techno fans all over the world have been counting down the days until September 13th, and it is finally here. Amelie Lens has released her Little Robot EP under her own imprint Lenske Records. It consists of a four-track collection of dark and intense club cuts namely:

A1: Helium
A2: Man Over Machine
B1: Little Robot
B2: Storm

Firstly, we have ‘Helium’ which has a crazy bass to it. Second, we have ‘Man Over Machine’ which features the signature vocals of Amelie Lens. Next, we have ‘Little Robot’ which gives us a raving feeling while we listen to this epic track. Lastly, we have ‘Storm’ which raises the BPM’s and gives a perfect impact to conclude the EP.

Little Robot EP is her second solo release, following by her iconic 2018 EP, Basiel. This is a mind-altering chunk of spiraling techno-trance, hence we would recommend not to go gentle by its name because it is a monster within.

We have attached all the four tracks right here for you. For you techno fans out there – ENJOY, and let us know your thoughts about the tracks in the comments below.

Amelie Lens – Little Robot EP