Alison Wonderland Responds to Claims She Stole Billie Eilish Hairstyle

Alexandra Sholler, aka Alison Wonderland, is on the receiving end of some silly hate due to her haircut. Some people out there think that she is trying to copy Billie Eilish´s hairstyle.

Nowadays everyone can get some anonymous hate for any reason. Alison Wonderland defended herself, since she actually had her hairstyle for longer than Billie Eilish has even been a thing. She mentioned that she respects Billie Eilish a lot and that a collaboration between the two stars would be a showstopper. She also said that she is always trying to support women in the music industry.

Alison Wonderland has been in the music industry for longer than Billie. The hate between artists happens sometimes, but the majority of the time, fans create these issues instead of artists. You can follow Alison´s thread here.