Above & Beyond Releases ‘There’s Only You’ Remixes

‘There’s Only You’ by Above & Beyond could originally be heard at ABGT300 in Hong Kong during 2018. The ABGT300 album was released after the event and included ‘There’s Only You’,  but as a club mix. The club mix was also featured on the February 2019 release of Common Ground Companion EP. The original track was finally released as a single this March. 

This week fans of the track were given an extra treat with remixes of ‘There’s Only You’ released by No Mana and Crystal Skies. An extended version by No Mana is also featured with the remixes. 

The No Mana remix reflects the tech-house energy of the artist. The track teases in vocals at the beginning which then fade off into strong techno beats. Once listeners’ attention is captured, the vocals by Zoë Johnston are reintroduced. The track continues with Johnston’s vocals, accompanied by unique No Mana’s techno sound. 

Crystal Skies approached the track by starting out with Zoë Johnston’s vocals right away. The track stays with a trance style for the introduction of the song. It starts to build and grows faster around the 1:00 mark. Right around this time the track drops and transitions into the traditional dubstep sound of Crystal Skies. For the remainder of the track, Dubstep is mixed with the original trance sounds, creating a catchy remix. 

Check out the link below to listen to the remixes and discover the unique sound both artists brought to Above & Beyond’s single, ‘There’s Only You’.

Above and Beyond- ‘There’s Only You’ Remixes