We Probably Already Know the Tomorrowland 2020 Theme

So you’re probably not even over your Tomorrowland 2019 post-festival depression, but we’re already thinking about Tomorrowland 2020. Actually, we’re not the only ones thinking that far ahead. We’re pretty sure Tomorrowland itself has already planned out an important piece for Tomorrowland 2020. In fact, the festival theme was hiding in plain sight in Belgium this year. We’re pretty sure that next year, Tomorrowland is going to space.

It all starts with the mainstage. This year’s Book of Wisdom Mainstage incorporated all of the chapters of Tomorrowland lore. Each book was a reminder of some piece of Tomorrowland’s past. From the Garden of Madness, to the Hymn of the Frozen Lotus and Chattahoochee Hills, no book was without meaning.

The easter egg book in the Mainstage

That’s why it was very peculiar to find a book titled Pyramids from Space in the dead center of the stage with a big 20 at the top. That wasn’t the only hint either. On either side of that book are books titled “In Search of Lost Time” and “La Terre a La Lune” (The Surface of the Moon”). These all follow that same theme.

Tomorrowland says this stage was “pimped out by aliens”

The Harbour House stage was taken over by aliens this year as well. On top of this attendees reported seeing spacemen wandering around the festival grounds. Lastly, the special Tomorrowland global journey flights included another themed easter egg. They were given sleeping face-masks that included the same phases of the moon included on the book from the mainstage. We don’t necessarily think the theme will be called “Pyramids from Space”, but this will probably all be part of the story that is written for this Space theme. Tomorrowland never does anything by accident, but we won’t know anything for sure for many months. Stay tuned.