Take a Look Inside deadmau5’s CUBE V3

Cube V3

If you aren’t aware, Deadmau5 is going on tour soon. This tour will feature Cube V3, which everyone is excited for. Recently, deadmau5 announced the phase one supporting acts. This includes Attlas, Black Gummy, i_o, mostergetdown, No Mana, Eddie, Sara Landry, and Sian.

A video has been put out that shows how humongous and well thought-out the cube is. Deadmau5 talks extensively about the seemingly-crazy brainstorming process for this iteration of the structure. It’s described that an “aresenal of visuals” has been prepared for tour.

However, not only is deadmau5 trying to provide a great experience for concert attendees, he’s also connecting and giving back to his fans. He has put out a community app for fans to connect to him through and also earn different rewards.

Cube v3 will run from September through February. So, take a look to see if there’s a show near you!

Watch the in-depth interview about cube v3:

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