Eli & Fur Debut New Track ‘Into The Night’ on Anjunadeep

London deep house duo, Eli & Fur, return to Anjunadeep with a track from their upcoming EP titled ‘Into the Night‘. Following their successful ‘Night Blooming Jasmine EP‘, both artists return to their roots in songwriting.

This is a light and airy deep-house precursor to their full-length album. Both Eliza & Jennifer’s sultry and iconic vocals start off upon opening. Following that is an atmospheric vibe that transcends the track to another dimension. Their sound design accompanies the stylistic textures and synth lines. A woodblock percussion intertwines with the beat for an extra added groove. Lyrics include “You reminded me of something, now it’s taking up all my time”–something to reflect on.

A perfect fit for the Anjuna label, its nostalgia and interstellar ambience has driven their career thus far. Working together since they were teens, the electronic pair utilize their songwriting strength and weave it into killer beats. Some play on our senses while others incline us to reminisce. Their music allows us to think about how imperfect nature is, and our memories of life, and that is ok.

Inspiration for this track comes from that introverted side taking over.

“Sometimes you find yourself shutting off and making excuses about why not to connect with how you feel on an emotional level” – Eli & Fur

The title is aptly named as it almost demands you to take the leap and plunge into something different and liberating. That feeling of stepping into the unknown and embracing it could change your life.

We can see this track definitely being played at their upcoming shows. Ibiza, London, Sydney, and Barcelona–these wanderlust destinations could use an elegant progressive dance floor tune.

Take a listen to their latest track (with an extended mix) below.

Eli & Fur – Into The Night