Don Diablo Remixes The Dance Classic ‘Club Bizarre’

Don Diablo recently dropped his remix of another remix of the dance classic ‘Club Bizarre‘. John Christian‘s rework featuring Juliette Claire had already featured on Don Diablo‘s Tomorrowland set but is now available on streaming platforms and YouTube.

For those not familiar with the 90s’ dance scene, the original ‘Club Bizarre‘ was a 1995 track from U96. Back then it garnered much acclaim from critics and listeners. A more progressive version was produced in 2001 by Brooklyn Bounce. Headhunterz and Noisecontrollers would eventually offer their own hard bass remix in 2011.

As such, ‘Club Bizarre‘ has lived through the decades and subgenres. It has managed to conserve its essence: beyond the dreamy and enchanting lyrics, the chord progression is a common feature of the remixes.

Don Diablo‘s ‘Club Bizarre‘ is no different. Hexagoners will be pleased to note that his future house style is unmistakeable. The introductory bass line, as well as the drop, bear similarities to You’re Not Alone amongst others. He himself based his track on John Christian’s rework, released on the Hexagon label. Juliette Claire‘s voice is, as always, sublime.

2019 has been yet another very active year for Don Diablo and his label. This new track only adds to a very elaborate résumé.

Listen to the original, as well as the two remixes down below.