Dillon Nathaniel – Obsessions EP

Dillon Nathaniel has been staying busy this year in the studio and finally his new EP, Obsessions, has released. The EP includes 6 tracks with more than half of them completely brand new. His talents have already been supported by music outlets including SiriusXM, BBC Radio 1 and Rinse FM. ?He’s also supported by artists including A-Trak AC Slater, Destructo and many others.

The first single on the EP is ‘Obsessions’ which was previously released on Big Beat Records. This is then followed by his collaboration with Jack Beats called ‘Mind Sensation’ and ‘Straight From the Underground’. This track is as you would predict a very underground sounding techno beat. This seems to define the persona of the entire EP as the remaining tracks also offer a similar vibe.

When describing the process of the production of the EP, Dillon Nathaniel had the following to say:

The Obsessions EP is a project that came together over the past 3 years. Each song was made at a completely different time in my life and you can hear the progression in each record. All of the different experiences, relationships, and situations have shaped me in more ways than I could ever put to words. I have experienced a lot of positive growth these last three years and there are instances where I feel like a new person in so many different ways. But one thing is certain; making music that connects and resonates with others will always remain my ultimate obsession.

The full Obsessions EP is out now on Big Beat Records so be sure to take a listen below now!