Dillon Francis Gears Up To Drop New Magic Is Real Mixtape

Dillon Francis is known to push all kinds of boundaries in order to get a rise out of anyone that he interacts with. This is especially the case with his most recent post on Twitter.

Yesterday, the American producer casually reached out to his followers to ask their opinion as to which possible album artwork for his new Magic Is Real mixtape that he should use. In addition to this unexpected interaction, the Los Angeles native teased the official tracklist, leaving a few unidentified tracks as mysteries.

After fans flocked to help Francis decide the winning album artwork, the results spoke for themselves and #3 came out triumphant above all!

The ‘Say Less‘ musician hasn’t released a new mixtape in a whopping four years. But we won’t have to wait much longer. This is just another sign that he’s getting ready to drop a highly anticipated 8-track selection.

If you were at Coachella or watched the streams, you may have heard ‘Still Not Butter’. The crowd went crazy for the unexpected track! Unanticipated singles are part of Dillion’s flare. That said, we absolutely can’t wait to hear what the new mixtape has in store.

Magic Is Real is giving us goosebumps thinking about the sheer and undeniable magic that the future holds. Are you ready? We most definitely are!