Dabin has come a long way from just doing remixes for other artists. From producing and performing alongside Illenium and other artists, Dabin has really brought the spotlight upon himself now. He recently released a new album called ‘Wild Youth‘ which contained 10 tracks that impressed everyone. Now Dabin is back with a remix LP of of various tracks on his album to give us a different taste of his music.

The remix LP of ‘Wild Youth’ contains 17 unique remixes with at least one remix per each song on his album. One of our favorites is the MitiS remix of Dabin’s track, ‘Alive’. The remix brings out a very euphoric sounding melody with a heavy hitting bass drop which perfectly fits into Dabin’s persona. Another remix that stood out to us was the Anki remix of the track ‘Rings & Roses’. The track presents an upbeat tune that offers somewhat of a throwback vibe. Dabin’s full remix LP is out now so be sure to check out all 17 remixes below and see which one is your favorite!