CRSSD Gets Props For Discouraging Fan Clacking and Other Annoying Festival Items

We all know those people that bring their clacking fans to a show and think they’re an instrument. Well, we’ve got news for them: they’re not! In fact, they are annoying to hear on every single beat. The upcoming CRSSD Festival in San Diego has taken a stand against the fans and other annoying festival items. Reddit, naturally, did its thing and began debating over the list – some in support, others not so much.

In the heavily discouraged section of CRSSD’s “prohibited items”, you can see a list of items that will not be tolerated. In the list is also “Rave Attire”, which got some backlash. The developing underground house and techno scene, particularly curated by events like CRSSD, is a bit different from traditional rave culture. However, many still do like to dress funky – so we’ll see how this rule ends up faring. The last thing in the section is “Furry Boots” and “Kandi.” The boots are understandable and rave culture has been shying away from Kandi for a few years now.

One big point of discussion was the banning of camelbacks or other hydration packs. Hydration packs should always be allowed. Especially in hot weather, once you get dancing, sometimes it is a struggle to always keep refilling a water bottle. The list does include several items we can mostly agree on that are best left home, including Hula Hoops and Selfie Sticks.

CRSSD is clearly catering to the house and techno community by creating a space with these particular rules. Not every festival needs to feature all the items of a typical rave. However, telling people they can’t wear specific clothing may overstep a bit too far. Looking through the reddit page, you can see people give the festival props.

Were excited to see what CRSSD festival will bring us this year. If you are looking to buy tickets, you can do so by clicking here!