Another Illegal Rave Pops Up In Ibiza Leading to Arrests and Injuries

An illegal rave took place near Cala Conta, Ibiza and led to 70 arrests and multiple hospitalizations.

Taking place last weekend, it commenced at a protected woodland area near this popular tourist beach. A 15-minute drive from San Antonio Bay, this neighboring area has already been struck with an E.coli outbreak. They are currently in recovery mode.

Chief of the Civil Guard, Enrique Gomez, stated about 1000 people attended the illegal rave on Saturday night. 40 police officers arrived Sunday morning with 200 people left at the scene. Of them, they arrested 73 people but also left 11 officers injured.

Detainees received misdemeanors such as resisting arrest, assaulting police officers and disobedience. It seems that the number of illegal raves has been rising over the years. From Toys R Us to the 9% increase in the UK, what is propelling this movement? This past July, it took officers 20 hours to shut down one in Norfolk.

Could this be due to overpacked crowds or increased costs at licensed venues? Records of nightclub attendance seem to be dropping, so maybe. Perhaps, fewer dance floor options or rave enthusiasts just want to keep things fresh. At the expense of their lives and the city’s resources, when does it stop? Or will it?

On top of a swanky venue and high drink prices, it does make sense that this worrying trend is on the rise. While we haven’t seen any in the US yet, reports have said that obtaining illegal drugs is also easier overseas. This could lead to an illegal rave’s popularity.

The war against illegal raves is ongoing and one that authorities may lose. Let’s remember that these things aren’t as regulated and the risk of drug-related illness is high. You risk your health for a little bit of fun, but at what cost? Long-term or short-term, there will be consequences.