Anjunadeep Announces Release Date For Explorations 11

Anjunadeep Explorations 11

Anjunadeep is scheduled to drop another collection of songs for Explorations 11 at the end of the month. Song previews were posted in the label’s youtube video, which even includes some cool graphics to chill out to. All seven songs possess that chill house vibe signature to the label, and are listed below:

  1. ‘Dimma’ by Hosini
  2. ‘Long Time’ by Quivver
  3. ’Sama’ by Simon Doty & Zein
  4. ‘Empirical’ by Ocula
  5. ‘Angelica’ by Limara
  6. ‘Magic Wand’ by Arina Mur
  7. ‘Jakarta’ by Luigi Sambuy

The deep house label started by Above & Beyond gives a community of artists an outlet to release their own singles. The group has pushed their limits even further to host shows and festivals on the regular, which includes their Anjunadeep Open Air events and Group Therapy at the infamous Gorge Amphitheater. The lineups at these events usually include the same or similar sounding artists from the Explorations series.

Be sure to listen to the whole collection when it drops August 30th!