[Premiere] LMBO – Brand New Sinner

LMBO has just released their third and final single on their debut EP called ‘Ennui’. The latest track is called ‘Brand New Sinner’ and similar to the their previous works, the track demonstrates the musical talent of the duo out of Michigan.

Koby Berman and Mike Swartz have not been producing for too long but their raw musical talent has been put on display through their latest releases. ‘Brand New Sinner’ opens up with a gentle piano melody before transitioning to a drop. The track blends in passionate male vocals the fuses well with the ambiance presented by the melody. This comes as no surprise as LMBO has teamed up with Emmy-nominated song writer, Axel Mansoor, for the vocals on the track. When speaking about their collaboration, LMBO stated the following:

We had this idea for the production and thought it not only needed a voice, but also a touch of Axel’s euphoric writing style. While the sound on this one is a bit more pop-leaning, we hope the fans can enjoy some versatility.”

Check out LMBO’s full track of ‘Brand New Sinner’ below now.