Porter Robinson Recaps Second Sky’s Success

For those of us still reeling from Second Sky Music Festival in Oakland last month, here is what it took to bring the event to life. Read on for some insight from our beloved Porter Robinson.

Originally intended to be a single-day event, Second Sky sold out immediately. This gave way to a second day with almost the same lineup. Both days drew in attendees with its boldness and vision. The initial spark behind the idea came from Robinson wanting his fans to understand truly good music. As often as we rely on the algorithms of our streaming services, we can actually miss artists in between. What is worthy of our time? Porter curated the lineup for exactly that sentiment.

Let’s Recap

Fans were treated to chiptune hits by Anamanaguchi, British Indie pop through Kero Kero Bonito, and J-pop/EDM from Wednesday Campanella. Nina Las Vegas, G Jones, Cashmere Cat, and Chrome Sparks supplied the eclectic electronic sets, and it was marvelous. Having Virtual Self open gave everyone the opportunity to be present for the entire event. Skrillex appeared as a guest on the second day, in the Poshtaro mascot suit. Excitement flowed through everyone from open to close.

A single stage encouraged people to stay for the other artists and get to know Porter’s taste in music. He wanted to give his fans a platform to his music he loves and to understand him better. We’ve followed his career over the years and walk away from his sets in awe. For him to care about his fans like this shows his true passion and dedication to his craft.

It was merely, let’s put on this cool thing so I can play together with all my favorite artists. It really was as pure as that! – Porter Robinson

This festival was nothing short of successful, as it ran flawlessly. He programmed the lineup with no extra drafts. As risky and anxious as planning an artist-curate event is, Robinson pulled out all the stops to make sure his fans received the ultimate treatment. His boundary-pushing taste and personal evolution is what keeps us coming back for more and why we love him.

Second Sky returns next year, see you then!