The Chainsmokers & Illenium – Takeaway (feat. Lennon Stella)

After some playful teasing last week, Illenium and The Chainsmokers have officially released ‘Takeaway’. The song is the first collaboration between the group and is slated to be one of the biggest hits of the summer.

Anyone remember Illenium’s melodic remix of ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ by The Chainsmokers? ‘Takeaway’ follows suit exhibiting a masterful blend of catchy vocals, shimmering synths, and lush melodies. Drew and Lennon Stella’s passionate vocals take us through their tale of heartbreak and struggles.

In addition to this summer tune, comes the music video of the group’s adventure in New York City. Experience how the melodic soundscape of ‘Takeaway’ takes over the beautiful backdrop of the Vessel.

Both Illenium and The Chainsmokers have their highly awaited albums dropping later this year. The beautiful tune will surely be a powerful weapon in ASCEND and WORLD WAR JOY respectively.