Four Tet Releases New ‘Dreamer’ Track

Bundling it up with his previous ‘Teenage Birdsong‘ track, Four tet released ‘Dreamer‘ on his independent Text Records label. This only adds to his content considering his plans to release an album this year. The news was delivered through the artist himself on Apple‘s Beats 1 radio show. In the interview, he revealed that the album is not too distant expecting it come out this year. Furthermore, the new song is the third he’s put out this year when factoring ‘Only Human‘ under his KH alias.

Kieran Hebden (Four Tet) continued the sweet and soft glistening sound on ‘Dreamer’ tracing ‘Teenage Birdsong’. On the other hand, this contrasts to ‘Only Human’ which is a catchy and thumping club-suited track. The newest release of his tugs on rapid and scattered synth dots lining the track. Jumping from that point, you get to hear a few pulls into an echoing voice throughout the track. These types of breaks and swift additions only add to the overall softness of the track.

Tet’s forthcoming album will be chasing ‘New Energy‘ which saw its release back in 2017. His live shows are always something to look forward to, so check out his tour dates linked here.

Listen to Four Tet’s ‘Dreamer’ on Text Records below!