[WATCH] Re-live Defqon 1’s Epic Saturday Finale

Defqon 1, put on by Q Dance, was this past weekend and it was nothing short of legendary. Featuring many acts—old and new, big and small, it was definitely one for the ages. The festival always has their end show where they give fans an insane spectacle of music, lights, and fireworks.

This year, the Saturday end show at the mainstage was absolutely incredible. It featured music from Sound Rush, Rooler, and of course the anthem creators: the triple threat of KELTEK, Phuture Noize, and Sefa. The end show is always amazing and every year, they seem to top the previous year.

The hardstyle mecca gave fans the experience of a lifetime. Fireworks, lasers, and fire lit up the mainstage as only the hardest of sounds came through the speakers to shake the ground.

The whole theme of Defqon 1 this year was “One Blood, One Love, One Tribe”. This theme was alive and present during the end show. Fans were screaming lyrics, hugging each other, and singing the melodies of their favorite tunes. It’s truly an epic experience.

The best thing about the Saturday end show is that you can watch it right now on YouTube. If you aren’t a hard dance fan yet, you need to check this out. This only backs up the fact that European festival production is some of the best in the world. Also, hard dance music is alive, growing, and it’s not going anywhere.

Check out the incredible end show down below. Let us know what you think of this amazing segment in the Defqon series.