Blasterjaxx Drop Epic 22-Track Debut Album ‘Perspective’

Blasterjaxx Drop Debut Album ‘Perspective’

There are few genres that manage to last years, if not decades. We all know house, we know trance, and we know techno. Another one of these genres is big room. Whether you’re a fan or not, the genres lasting power cannot be denied. It’s festival music, and if you’ve ever found your way to a music festival in the last decade or so, I guarantee you’ve heard it. One of the driving forces of this genre is none other than the Dutch DJ/ Record Producing duo, Blasterjaxx. We’ve been waiting over two years for this, but we’re happy to announce that Blasterjaxx has finally released their debut album, ‘Perspective‘.

If you’re a fan of Blasterjaxx or big room, you’ve got more than enough reasons to celebrate. Some would say you have 22 reasons. The reason for this is because ‘Perspective‘ features a whopping 22 tracks. Making their way onto Perspective‘s album tracklist are artists like Kevu, DBSTF, and Frontliner. Other than these, the remaining featured artist are vocalists, such as Envy Monroe, Jacky Wilby, Ziya, and Drew Ryn.


With 22 tracks in total, there is something here for everyone. After giving the album a listen, one of my personal favorites is track number 12, which is ‘Wake Up, featuring Josie. It still features that signature big room kick, but the fidgeting bass that it contains is unlike anything I’ve heard from Blasterjaxx. If you make your way down to ‘Royal Beluga, you’ll hear some sounds that sound a bit Industrial in nature, as if taken from a techno track, and boy are they awesome.

With this being a Blasterjaxx album, it wouldn’t be right if it didn’t contain some fire hot big room, and it goes without saying, that they covered their 6. Their track ‘Taking Over’ with Kevu, is just that, some fire big room. There is a point in the track where some bagpipes come in, and it totally works. If you’re strictly needing some big room in your life, be sure to check out Superfriends, Children Of Today, and Never Be Lonely. The album even features a hardstyle collaboration with Frontliner in the track ‘Our Luck‘, that just might have you busting out with a Jumpstyle shuffle, or two.

With being said, be sure to check out Blasterjaxx new album ‘Perspective‘. The debut album is out now on their label Maxximize Records. You can enjoy the album below in all of its glory, and be sure to have fun while you’re doing so because remember, Big Room Never Dies.

Blasterjaxx – Perspective | STREAM