Thanks again to Reddit, we have some brand new music news. A user on the subreddit r/skrillex has shared a screenshot of what appears to be an upcoming 2-Track EP from Skrillex. According to fans, it is likely releasing this Friday, 7/19.

Here is the screenshot that was uploaded to the page.

Skrillex has made a vast reemergence in the electronic music world this year, and he shows no signs of slowing down. In a live stream from last month, Skrillex teased new upcoming releases and referred to them as “next level sh*t“. One of the songs Skrillex shared in the live stream is long-anticipated track, ‘Ping Pong’. He also shared a Tweet in late June, in which he indicates that he will be pumping songs out quickly.

Understandably, many fans have questions about the release of the EP. Other users weigh in on the information, and speak to its probable validity.

He has certainly been keeping busy. Over the next few months, Skrillex will be making appearances at KAOS Dayclub & Nightclub in Las Vegas, as well as a few festivals. Ultimately, fans are extremely ready for even more releases from Skrillex. Additionally, Skrillex appears equally excited to share the music he is working on.

We cannot wait to see what else he has in the works, and we will be stoked if the news about this upcoming EP is true.