TroyBoi – WARLORDZ (feat. Skrillex)

TroyBoi is back with another new tune, ‘WARLORDZ‘ and this time, he got the help of dubstep legend Skrillex. They had already teased that they were going to release something together and now it’s finally here.

This new collaboration released on OWSLA is something only these two can make. The song starts with a cinematic intro with vocal samples that sound like war cries. This is very fitting considering that TroyBoi and Skrillex are both fighting gorillas in the cover art. The intro transitions into a drop with a heavy, drifting bass. This will have you moving in your seats without a doubt. The song ends with a cinematic outro that has to be listened to all the way through for the full experience.

TroyBoi and Skrillex made nothing short of an instant classic and fan favorite with their new collaboration. Expect to hear it countless times in upcoming festivals. Do you love it as much as we do? Let us know. You can stream their new track here or down below.