Think about the people in your life. Who would you say are the coolest people you know? Take those characteristics that make them cool and amplify them by at least ten. Only then would you come close to the coolness of New York natives Ben (B-Roc) Futtner and James (JPatt) Patterson of The Knocks.

Since 2010, the duo has been releasing smooth, uplifting, and charismatic tracks such as “Classic”, “Collect My Love”, “Tied To You”, and “Kiss The Sky”. And on June 20th, the group will be delivering another track with all the same characteristics we love—plus more. Together with vocalist Kah-Lo, who has close to 1.8 million monthly listeners on Spotify, they’ve crafted “Awa Ni“.

The tune is the perfect summer track. Kah-Lo adds her sultry voice to effortless and melodic signature sounds from the duo. Any time The Knocks create something new, they spend a great deal of time picking their collaborations in order to give the listener a boost in their day. And this track is sure to make you move, even if it’s in an office chair.

Lastly, many of us are curious about what “Awa Ni” means. We look forward to hearing more about the track from The Knocks—and if anyone has some insight, please comment below!

With the release of this track, many fans and newcomers alike will be anxiously waiting for a new album and tour. It’s hard to ever get tired of hearing and seeing their productions.

Give the track a listen below!

The Knocks – Awa Ni