Mike Tyson Plans A Marijuana Resort, Music Festival Venue, and ‘Weed University’

Since his retirement at 52-years old, former heavyweight champ, Mike Tyson, announces some major additions for his newfound marijuana empire. Founding Tyson Holistics in 2016, Tyson announced that he would build a marijuana ranch in 2017. The 400+ acre ranch is still in the works with some huge plans in store. Tyson Ranch is coming soon to Desert Hot Springs, California. It plans to attract tourists with a luxurious marijuana holiday resort, music festival venue, and Tyson University that will focus on the research of marijuana health benefits.

The Resort

Tyson Ranch revealed plans for a luxurious resort that hopes to attract a multitude of tourists. Photos show us that there’s a huge 1-hour long lazy river pool surrounding a hotel. There will also be 200 ‘glamping’ units spread across the resort. While still in development, Tyson Ranch aims to welcome the growing cannabis tourism industry. Guests will be able to smoke weed pretty much anywhere on the premises, except in areas where liquor is for sale, according to the law.

Music Festival Grounds

Prior to breaking grounds as Tyson Ranch, Tyson held Kind Music Festival earlier this year in February. KMF featured headlining acts like Miguel and A$AP Ferg. This is where attendees got a taste of what Tyson Ranch would soon have in-store for its future amphitheater. Tyson looks forward to building a full venue for music festivals for many events to come. Could this be the next-gen ‘Weedchella’?

Photo of Kind Music Festival – The first event to take place at the ranch, still surrounded by desert. Via Daily Mail UK

Tyson ‘Weed’ University

Tyson proclaims that weed has helped him end years of substance abuse. Tyson’s business partner, Rob Hickman, states in an interview with GQ, “It changed his life. He’s the perfect person.” With that being said, Tyson’s goal is to develop a research facility aimed at educating the mass on the healing benefits of cannabis and CBD. Tyson Ranch holds a high-standard of naturally sourcing their marijuana. This procedure includes indoor cultivated strains, a 30-day curing process, and hand-trimming their product to make sure that it is pesticide free. The university will also educate people on how to grow weed and how to properly conduct business.

This is great news for the 420 community and we definitely can’t wait for the development of Tyson Ranch and all of its amenities being carried out. Tyson Ranch’s website also features a portion where you can “sign up for the keys” to the resort here. If you want a range of CBD vape pens for this event, check here.