Man Banned From Festival After Posting Video Of Taking 20 Tabs Of LSD

This past weekend, a man named Pete Townshend took 20 tabs of LSD at a festival run by Kosmic Events. The normal dosage is typically 1-4 tabs, so yes, that is a LOT. He eventually posted a short clip of him in the act on Twitter which went viral. Ironically, his Twitter name is humantestkit.

The clip was eventually seen by festival owner Daniel Green, who in response had this to say.

Before you jump to any conclusions or call the owner wrong for banning him, there’s more to the story. He mentions on Twitter: “He left in an ambulance and was a problem for everyone. And then he came back to try to sneak back in and we had to get him off the property.”

Clearly, if he rushes back into the event with his hospital gown, there are some issues at hand. Drug use is apparent in the dance music scene. While it is generally frowned upon by the rest of society, it has become an accepted element of rave culture if used responsibly. People need to learn how to take drugs responsibly to not only keep themselves safe but those around them.

In light of the situation, Pete has apparently learned his lesson and understands the situation he put himself into.