After a short few weeks, Illenium’s latest single, ‘Good Things Fall Apart‘ with Jon Bellion has amassed over 21 million cumulative streams. Within the song’s first week of release, it took #13 on Billboard’s dance chart and was ranked #1 on Most Added at Alternative. This comes as no surprise due to the song’s creative approach towards breaking down genre boundaries. And now the bold collaboration has a blockbuster music video to go with it.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, both artists are seen embarking with a crew on a galactic journey through space. Amidst Illenium’s arrangement of ethereal percussion and dazzling guitar chords, the ship courageously prepares its escape from the chaotic setting. As the planet is set ablaze, the flames buildup to the platinum singer’s pop-punk confessional chorus.

‘Coming to terms with a broken heart. I guess that sometimes good things fall apart.’

From frame to frame, the editing behind this mini sci-fi epic is top notch. The emotional heartbreak and sadness lingering from the lyrics all culminate towards the end as Illenium’s fiery phoenix rise up in the air. We can take this as more Illenium music is on the way. The video is dedicated to those who have the courage to change the course we are on. 

This has been an exciting year for Illenium. Not only has he created hits such as ‘Pray‘ and ‘Crashing‘, he will be headlining shows at Madison Square Garden and the iconic Red Rocks Ampitheatre

In the meantime, check out his cinematic music video for ‘Good Things Fall Apart’ below.