HARBER Talks New Collaboration with Lexy Panterra

HARBER performing his first headlining show a week ago in New York City and we had the opportunity to sit down to chat with him about his latest music. His song ‘More Than You’ has recently reached the 21 spot on the Billboard Dance Charts and doesn’t seem to have piqued yet. Check out the interview we did with him below now.

‘More Than You’ is currently 21 on the Billboard charts right now, can you tell us how that collaboration came together?

HARBER: So Lexi and I met through Morgan who was a songwriter on ‘More Than You’. I had a wishlist of songwriters that I wanted to work with on the track and I had sent it to Kate and Lexi was number one from a ‘Peace Sign’ song, which I really like and had like a similar vibe. It was like, oh my God she’s my best friend, I’ll link you up. So we got in contact and we recorded the song and in a couple of weeks, I went down to LA. That was that Paul goes on taking your produce. The production probably took like a couple months and then the vocals would be recorded. The vocals was really quick, like an hour and a half. Not in half a day.

You just mentioned that you had list. Who else is on the list of artists you want to work with?

HARBER: I would love to work with James Arthur, all those kinds of really deep manly voices. Then the next one is like a very fields summer track. So I think a really great male vocal, just send it home which would be set.

What’s the direction of music that you want to go down continuing in your career?

HARBER: It’s good to have a little diversity in productions recently. Yeah, it wasn’t that their was a main kind of theme that I try to keep throughout all my music but I do like this tropical Summer feel. I get winter depression when there is less sun. So like I try to make all my music kind of like reminiscent of Summer.

Tonight is your first headlining show. How does it make you feel to headline your first show?

HARBER: Yeah, I got all the bangers ready! Yeah. I got it all tonight! You want to head bang, you want to jump, I got them all. It’s combination of everything I got. It is what you want to do. I love like hard stuff. I Love House. But I don’t really like to play chill. I love to listen to it and that’s why I make it but in terms of playing it, not really.

What’s next up for you?

HARBER: I have show coming up with DNMO soon. I don’t know where exactly it will be but it’s in the city on a rooftop. It’s called Summertime’s Sessions. It’s on a roof in New York in the summer which is like the perfect setting.

HARBER has been grinding out music left and right in the recent months. Be sure to take a listen to his latest track ‘More Than You’ below now and even check out his music video.