Miami Punts on Deciding Ultra Music Festival’s Fate

Earlier today, the city of Miami held a meeting to discuss Ultra Music Festival’s move back to Bayfront Park in downtown. Supporters and foes gathered at 9am for the meeting, and many voiced their opinions throughout the morning. However, at about 5:40pm the Commissioners decided to defer the discussion and vote after the supporters sat around all day. Now Ultra’s only chance to return to Bayfront is to wait until July 25th, on the eve of Tomorrowland’s 2nd weekend kickoff.

Although a decision was never made at today’s meeting, the topic was still mentioned. Some Downtown Miami residents spoke out, both for and against, Ultra happening in their backyard. One argument against Ultra is that many find it damaging to the residents’ health, neighborhood, property values, as well as Bayfront Park. On the flip side, supporters argued that Ultra brings economic benefits to the city, has cultural importance, and creates positive worldwide marketing for Miami.

Overall, the support and opposition seems to be fairly balanced. Compared to previous meetings, Ultra had a heavy backing of supporters from all walks of life. Attendees young and old, employees, volunteers, hotel owners, and realtors pled their case before the Commission. Despite this, Commissioner Corollo showed early on he was deadset against the festival. He moved to defer the vote at the very beginning of the meeting and attacked almost every citizen that spoke in favor of the festival. Ultra’s foes hailed the indecision as a victory.

In short, Ultra at Bayfront Park looks like it may not be returning. The clock is ticking, and Ultra doesn’t have the time to wait around for a decision. A staff reporter in Miami, Lidia Dinkova, tweeted that it “seems like deferral will pass given that lots of folks speak against proposed contract, including requirement of unanimous vote to end contract.”

In the wake of this move, the Ultra fans are rightly angered. Many took time off of work to be heard and will be hesitant to do so again. The Facebook group is filled with angry comments from fans who now believe Ultra would be wise to walk away from Miami and inflict some financial pain on the City.

We hope to see Ultra’s return at the legendary Bayfront Park, as do many fans. What do you think? Should Ultra tell Miami to shove it?