Desert Hearts has become a house and techno powerhouse with its top-notch releases and incredible community of dancefloor lovers. This week, they’ve announced a deeper dive into darker tunes as they launch Desert Hearts Black.

Desert Hearts Black, founded by Marbs and Evan Casey, is a new subset of the DH record label. If you’ve attended a Desert Hearts Festival, you’re likely familiar with their late-night endeavors into dark, driving techno—always one of our favorite parts of the event. If this year’s 4-hour B2B set with Marbs and Casey was any indication, we expect Desert Hearts Black’s future to be bright (or dark, depending on how you look at it).

Marbs explained his reasoning behind the label’s creation, which will keep with the brand’s core ethos in a new way:

The primary intention of Desert Hearts Black is to open up more opportunities for the community to experience and participate in the late night and early morning music heard at the festival over the years. Currently, Desert Hearts Records has represented our house community to the fullest and we want to provide that same outlet for those in our family who enjoy heavier, darker, more journey driven sounds.  

With the new label comes a three-track release to celebrate, too. Marbs, Evan Casey and Rinzen teamed up to bring you the ‘Torus’ EP, which you can expect on August 9th. The EP’s title track takes you into a deeply cryptic, hauntingly dark world. Needless to say, it also leaves us thrilled to see what comes next from this label.

You can stream ‘Torus’ below, and learn more about Desert Hearts Black here.