Victor Ruiz – Nimbus/Unveil

Everybody, please congratulate Victor Ruiz on his debut EP on Drumcode. Comprised of two tracks titled ‘Nimbus’ and ‘Unveil‘, this is an exciting new addition to the techno realm.

Ruiz first released on Drumcode last year with his colossal track ‘Pulso’. Hot on their most recent edition of the infamous A-Sides Vol.7 compilation, he has been relentless with his releases. His powerful productions heavily suit the big club room vibe. Today, he’s stepping up with ‘Nimbus’.

This title track is a piercing track with a punctuated kick drum that cuts through the piece. Follow alongside some industrial tones that create that eerie tension. Dive into the darker side of the progressive techno world.

He produced ‘Unveil’ in Sao Paulo, when he day dreamt of his move to Europe. It is a chunky low end sound combined with big percussion. This is a heady, introspective track and shows the experimental side of Victor. Enjoy this thunderous dance floor track.

A debut EP like this marks an important milestone for Victor. Since his arrival in his new home, Berlin, he created these tracks with a lack of studio space and set up. With just headphones and a laptop, it’s amazing what some artists can do. With a mix of old and new, this releases represents two stages of his life.

Coming from a rock-and-roll background, Ruiz strives to make music an experience. His unique sound will touch you in the most intimate way. It’s the love that he puts into his productions that allow us to feel what he feels in music. He’s edited classic songs and remixed others from the likes of Moby, Stephan Bodzin, and Dubfire.

We look forward to seeing what else Ruiz has to offer in the future. Take a listen to his debut EP below!

Victor Ruiz — Nimbus/Unveil