I Found You
Passion Pit & Galantis – I Found U

In the wake of Passion Pit touring for the 10 year anniversary of their album ‘Manners‘, they released a collaboration with Galantis. Titled ‘I Found U‘, the release is bubbly, combining prominent elements that tend to be found in both artists’ music.

‘I Found U’ kicks off with a resonant organ-esque pad with Michael Angelakos‘ vocals lying atop. The track pulls back and mutes heading into the bridge, fading with a faint sound effect. This allows the track to propel into an effervescent and bright-sounding bridge. Throughout, more percussive elements enter adding onto the build-up. Jumping into the chorus, the instrumental lifts and the vocals turn to harmonies making it catchier. Overall, the track brings together Galantis’ electronic-dance sound with Passion Pit.

It’s been a while since Passion Pit released new music, coming off their ‘Tremendous Sea of Love‘ album in 2017. I’ve admired much of the group’s output since first hearing them on Madeon‘s ‘Pay No Mind‘. Going further into their work, I always found narratives and feelings embedded in most of their music. A big part of that comes from Michael’s experiences with having Bipolar Disorder. He doesn’t shy away from speaking out about it, trying to actively make the industry a better place.

You can buy tickets to their tour which commemorates ‘Manners’ here! ‘I Found U’ can be heard below for your listening pleasure.