F8 Conference Shows Off Facebook & Instagram Updates

Facebook has concluded its two-day annual F8 developer conference in San Jose, California and users can anticipate a series of changes coming to the family of apps. While the company touched upon encryption, secure data storage and privacy, the highlights of symposium ironically revolved around more data collection to increase more engagement on their platform.

Trail through the quick summaries below to see the changes coming your way.


1.   Dating App Territory

Facebook enters Dating App domain in a new feature called “Secret Crush”. It makes a lot of sense as a lot of dating apps already have the option to tap into your Facebook account for networking purposes. Select up to nine secret crushes in incognito— the other person will only know if they have selected you also.

2.    Make New Friends

To further your network, Facebook will also be launching a new feature called “Meet New Friends”. Users can opt-in and connect those who share the same school, jobs and city.

3.   Group Watch

Much like Twitch, Facebook is testing a “Group Watch” feature. People can invite others to watch a video together while messaging and commenting on the video on the side.

4.   Ditch the Blue

Facebook is getting a facelift to make it look more modern and will be ditching the iconic blue. While the mobile app versions have already started to implement out the color, the desktop redesign won’t come into image until the next few months. If this color means something near and dear to you, soak it in now.


1.   Hiding Likes

In an attempt to put more focus on the content posted, rather than a race of ‘Likes’, Instagram will run a trial of hiding the number of likes associated from the post to other users. The account owner will still be able to see their total likes or views, but for the most part, the like will essentially become private. Testing starts next week for users in Canada!

2.   The Camera

The camera in Instagram Stories is getting dumbed down, making it easier for users to operate its features. Of note, Create Mode, can now be readily accessed to create an image for Stories. This will allow for ease of posting just text or GIFs, instead of editing over a photo or video.

3.   Start Donating

More changes are coming to Stories as donation stickers will now be available. Users can choose a donation sticker to use from a group of organizations. Organizations are wide in variety and include No Kid Hungry, GLAAD, Black Girls Code, and more.

4.   Shopping Tags

Last month, Instagram took their brand into e-commerce as they opened up the ability to buy products from certain brands. Further expanding this feature, Shopping Tags is now open for a limited number of influencer accounts. In just one click, users can access the promoted item and check out directly.


1.   Coming to a Desktop Near You

If keeping the Facebook web browser for Messenger access isn’t your style, the made for desktop Messenger App will be coming to Windows and Mac. This app will allow for certain features the web browser version has not yet supported—particularly, group calling.


1.   Business Catalogs

If you’re a small business owner, Facebook’s got your back because they’re not making catalogs more accessible through WhatsApp. Making it more business-friendly, product catalogs can soon be uploaded entirely onto business profiles.