Las Vegas is in for a treat as Deadmau5 has just announced a new residency at KAOS nightclub at the Palms hotel. This new residency will not be like any other, nonetheless the notorious genius has some special surprises for Las Vegas.

Deadmau5 will not only be in Vegas to show off his outstanding music, but now he will be able to incorporate his knowledge in technology as well. It’s been four years since Deadmau5 has returned to Vegas, but the come back could not be any more perfect.

KAOS Nightclub is not like any other nightclub in Las Vegas; According to the Las Vegas Weekly, Joel Zimmerman expressed how impressive the LED lights in the club are. The new and improved technology can also impose many difficult obstacles along with the new residency.

“As far as I know, it’s the highest-res single system in North America. It’s a lot of pixels—76.5 million pixels to drive, which requires nine media servers. Most club installations have half of one. So it’s been a challenge.”

Las Vegas Weekly/ Photo: Wade Vandervort

After spending countless hours trying to figure out what will work best with the new residency; Deadmau5 has found innovative ways keep his production levels on top. Although the hardware at KAOS Nightclub is extremely advanced; Let’s be real, we all know Deadmau5 is truly the best artist to examine the new technology.

Fans can expect a fulfilling experience with the legendary cube. After the Cube v3 was unveiled at Ultra Music Festival in March, dance music fans have been anxiously waiting to see more.

On top of the new Las Vegas residency, Deadmau5 will be headlining his own tour to show off the cube. Be sure to catch him on the road below starting in September here.