EDC Crowd, 65 arrests made in total

This weekend was epic. EDC brought out the best in dance music with eclectic stages, surprise performances, and overall amazing energy. The festival attracted more than 150,000 people to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway from May 17th to 19th. Yet, there were a few bumps along the road. A few stages closed down on Saturday due to extreme winds, and, sadly, plenty of ravers were arrested.

In addition to that, there were a few more negative moments. According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, 65 arrests were made that weekend. Friday saw 25 arrests on felony charges. Then on Saturday, it declined to 14. Ten were felonies while the rest were misdemeanor arrests. To conclude the weekend there were 26 more ejected from the festival.

Overall, these numbers are very similar to last year. In 2018, EDC saw about 66 arrests out of the 138,593 attendees. Besides, isn’t this an improvement? Sure, it’s only one less than the previous year but it’s still progress. Illegal stuff happens at festivals. It just does. To some, the risk of getting caught is a part of the experience. To others, not so much. The important thing is to not hurt people, which is what raves are all about. Have fun, but respect one another.