Tomorrowland UNITE Announces Satellite Locations

tomorrowland unite locations

With Tomorrowland creeping closer and closer on our calendars, we are hanging on every announcement they have for us. Today, a BIG one – the locations of the Tomorrowland UNITE satellite locations for 2019. Unveiling of the four locations gave us the next cities for the one-of-a-kind event: Athens, Malta, Porto, and Barcelona.

The Tomorrowland UNITE events are separate satellite parties in these specific cities. They connect a live stream of the main stage performances, known as The Amicorum Spectaculum. Each city will be setup with their very own “main stage” setup, providing the feel that attendees are at the Belgium-based event. The light shows and special effects are synchronized with the live show in Boom. Tomorrowland specially curates the artists that will appear for these UNITE events.

Last year, in addition to Malta, Tomorrowland UNITE connected with seven total countries. These included Abu Dhabi, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, Spain and Taiwan. The satellite events were immensely popular, and often received shout outs from the main stage acts. The live screen would cut to the party in each city, connecting with the visitors on the holy grounds in Belgium.

Check out the full reveal video below! For more information, visit the Tomorrowland website here.