[Watch] Testpilot Full Set from Ultra Music Festival

footage of Testpilot performing at ultra music festival
This past weekend, Ultra Music Festival premiered so much new music from producers. Each day brought on a killer show with thousands of fans flocking from stage to stage, hungry for more music. And for those who couldn’t make it, they were able to watch the live stream footage at home. Sadly, we did miss one major performance.

Deadmau5‘s techno alias, Testpilot, closed out the Resistance Reflector stage on Sunday, March 31st. This set did not make it to the live stream, but Youtuber Mi5taKlean captured footage of the entire thing. He shared the video on Reddit on April 1st. We’re thankful it wasn’t a prank. 

The sound quality isn’t terrible either, so you’re able to get as close to the real thing. It is two hours of raw molten lava, distinct in its fluidity and unlike any other set out there. Check it out below: