Rüfüs Du Sol Debuts 360-Degree Film For “Underwater” at Coachella

Deep inside Coachella’s innovative Antarctic Dome, Rufus Du Sol took us all on an adventure. It was a partnership with HP and video director, James Frost. They created a special 360-degree short film for their song ‘Underwater’.

The film is nearly indescribable. First, they bring you into this frigid expansive space. There are low-seated inflatable chairs all around the space, situated just right so that we can see the ceiling. There is no bad seat – however, it was hard to know that, since we had no idea what to expect.

They have us sit, and all goes dark. It begins simply with a beam of light to draw our eye. Then the music begins. ‘Underwater’ itself is a beautiful song. And the visuals that Frost and his team created to go with it were perfect.

Colors and shapes. Movement. It all felt like traveling through the cosmos, while at the same time, traveling through human consciousness. The film wasn’t 3D, but the way it was created and projected onto the dome made it feel like it was. Beyond 3D, really.

Prior to the opening of the festival, there was a small launch party for the film. Rufus Du Sol performed a small, intimate DJ set in Coachella’s HP Lounge. They also participated in a panel discussion about the film and the technology behind it.

This was the first time the group was able to see the film as well. They had seen bits pieces throughout the process, but never the finished product.

It’s one of those experiences where you really had to be there to get it. Words and even videos wouldn’t do it justice. In lieu of being able to see the video for yourself, you can listen to Underwater below and try to imagine a movie of your own.