Carl Cox Discusses Evolution of Ultra’s Resistance Stage

Carl Cox, a house and techno producer truly known around the world, sat down with Mixmag to discuss how the Resistance stage has developed over the years at Ultra Music Festival. He describes how, at the beginning – despite restrictions and limitations – everyone enjoyed having their own unique setting. He reminisces being in the Miami vibe, and now everyone gets to experience something different with the movement to an island. Since the start, Resistance was not able to grow quickly because it was in a tent and as a result of the size of the venue. By having an island, they’re able to pour more into the production. Elaborating on the production, he describes it as “super-sized”. Between the lights and the sound system, Resistance has become its own.

Cox takes a moment to discuss the new sound system – a Vero sound system. He mentions having “10 boxes of 32s and 10 boxes 21s” for the sound system. If you hold any sound system knowledge, you know: this is a massive amount of sound. The interview was short, but gave great insight into Resistance gaining its own island.

Watch the video below!