[WATCH] Armin van Buuren Drops Techno During Epic 3.5-Hour Ultra ASOT Set

armin ultra ASOT set
Credit: Floris Heuer

It was a very busy weekend for Mr. ASOT Armin van Buuren. In the throes of Miami Music Week, Armin’s A State of Trance label was on full display. Between meet-and-greets, club shows, and two separate sets at Ultra Music Festival, it would be easy to phone it in. However, that simply isn’t how Armin van Buuren does business.

On his Saturday Main Stage set, he opened things up with a cameo from the legendary David Lee Roth to sing a remixed version of Van Halen‘s “Jump.” Then, when Eric Prydz went down due to an acute medical condition (get well soon, Eric!), Armin offered up his services to perform an extended 3.5-hour set on his own ASOT Stage on Sunday.

Armin’s Ultra ASOT set is now available in full on his YouTube page. Overcoming a technical cutout about 20 minutes in, his emotional roller-coaster set included everything but the kitchen sink. He dropped some brand new IDs, progressive house, a few of Pryda’s very own tracks as a hat tip, and even some pretty nasty techno. He then kicks into a masterful overdrive of trance, uplifting and vocal, to provide max emotion to close out Ultra Music Festival.

This guy is truly amazing. While some of his more recent studio singles have caught a bit of flack for being “too mainstream,” you have to admire the fact that Armin is constantly evolving, and always brings it for his fans. His Main Stage set was VASTLY different from his ASOT Stage set, all of which showcased his range and catered to the crowd at hand.

Many DJs can barely pre-record an hour of music, and this guy just crushed five hours (only 3.5 of which were anticipated) without breaking a sweat. He isn’t afraid to push the envelope, and is cementing himself as one of the most iconic performers we may ever see.

Check out Armin’s Ultra ASOT set below on YouTube, all 3.5 hours of it in all it’s glory.