Aly & Fila – Come Home (with Kyau & Albert)

Aly & Fila Come HomeAly & Fila – Come Home (with Kyau & Albert)

The Egyptian duo Aly & Fila are back with a new song. They collaborated with trance legends Kyau & Albert to produce Come Home‘. Both groups were able to successfully blend their styles together.

The beginning is swift, rough staccato synths and strong kicks, like a heart ready to burst. Though I don’t necessarily find it ground-breaking, it is an overall solid track. The male vocals are a refreshing change to the typical euphoric sopranos. It’s not a gritty tone—because this is still trance— but it is a more rugged build until the first peak when the vocals flood in.

The man needs his person back now. “Come home,” he pleads. “It’s been too long now…If I can’t sleep, stay with me…Cause I need you now.”

The whole “stay with me because I need you” narrative is familiar in electronic music to the point where it loses its meaning. That being said, Aly & Fila and Kyau & Albert, manage to use this trope and flip it into a great track.

Aly & Fila – Come Home (with Kyau & Albert)