Ultra Music Festival is a just under two weeks away, and stage construction is in full force. The initial build-out began last week. See below for some of the progression photos, which shows that this year’s megastructure is 2/3 bigger than before!


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It will be exciting to see how these structures come together for Ultra at its new location. Ultra is notorious for its huge, engaging stages with insane lighting.

Over the past few months, Ultra has faced constant attacks from critics of the festival, the majority whom are angry about its change of location to Miami’s Virginia Key. Most recently, Ultra emerged victorious in yet another lawsuit. It was brought on by Brickell Homeowners Association and an individual claiming that the city of Miami is violating its charter by giving Ultra a licence to host the festival, despite not having a lease.

Ultra has been fighting constantly to get to the point it is at now, and the persistence has not gone unnoticed. Despite these hiccups along the way, Ultra seems to be moving forward confidently to ensure another successful year. That being said, we will see how this new venue plays out for Ultra and its attendees once the festival commences.

Stay tuned for more updates on Ultra Music Festival.