Twitter Post From Rezz Turns Into DJ Horror Story Tell-All

Rezz Sets Off DJ Horror Story Tell-All With Twitter Post
A Wednesday morning Twitter post from Rezz went viral within the DJ community. It started an infectious conversation that led to many big-name artists spewing their guts about their performance horror stories. Superstars like Illenium, Bear Grillz, Destructo, and more caught the bug and spilled the beans on their experiences as well. The world will have sick, new respect for the dedication of DJ’s as a result.

Apparently, Rezz had been under the weather lately. She took to Twitter to let her fans know she was okay and thank them for their concern. The originating post is here:

As innocent as the post is, it still led to Jauz coughing-up his own experience. He details having a 104-degree fever at a Las Vegas performance that left him too weak to climb the stairs to his hotel. His post can be seen here:

Because of this, a lightbulb went off for Rezz and got her wondering if any others showed similar dedication. Naturally, like everything on Twitter, it spread like the plague to dozens of other artists who couldn’t resist chiming in. Check the thread out here:

We Should All Be This Dedicated

Easily, this should make anyone think back about their own illness and dedication related moments. We’ve all had those nights praying to the porcelain gods that lead to a swift call to the office as a result. Consider the results had you not called in, however. Would you have been able to rally and put on a praise-worthy performance at your 9-5? Probably not.

This is not to take away from the dedication of an artist suffering from any major ailments. Furthermore, it goes without saying that the health of any individual should come first. However, it is honorable for these professionals to suck-it-up for the fans like this. Even if it’s just for an hour or two. Along with that, they likely had to do it in front of thousands of screaming fans who were none the wiser. That kind of dedication is sickening and deserves some respect.