Updated: Tomorrowland Winter Tent Roof Cracks

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Tomorrowland has issued a clarification that there was NO collapse at Tomorrowland Winter. There was serious wind one evening which caused a tear in part of the roof tarp material. The torn part has already been removed and replaced, so everything is ready for the festival start.

Earlier this week, we had given our readers a sneak preview of the Tomorrowland Winter grounds thanks to a French TV broadcasting corporation. Although the quick glimpse made it seem like everything was coming together nicely, recently, we’ve discovered that a small setback has occurred.

One of the indoor stage roofs suffered a tear due to snow and wind just one day before the highly anticipated festival! The weight of the snow is surprising; when a good amount gets built up, it can be quite destructive.

In our opinion, this is but a minor hiccup in what’s soon-to-be a truly mesmerizing production. We believe that they will be able to pull through, and if not, the solutions that their team will come up with will be nothing short of impressive.