Check Out Tomorrowland Winter’s Stages

Tomorrowland Winter is almost done building their epic, ice-themed mainstage design for the upcoming festival. The fest and its organizers revealed a layout of the concept for the stage a few weeks ago. This layout showcases a design that closely resembles the 2018 Tomorrowland Mainstage. However, the theme is much different this time.


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The blue colors and icy, frozen details give the stage a chilling presence of epic proportions. We can only imagine how incredible it will look when it is complete. Additionally, we know that the lights and music itself will tie the whole experience together for festival attendees in the beautiful mountains of Alpe d’Huez. Check out the progress of the stage, as highlighted on our EDMTunes Instagram page down below.

Prior to officially selling out, Tomorrowland Winter offered a 7-day or 4-day experience. The 7-day experience runs March 9 – March 16, and the 4-day experience runs March 12 – March 16. Additionally, Tomorrowland Winter will also offer a live stream. For a closer look at the magic that Tomorrowland Winter will bring, check out the official trailer down below.